Giographix was founded in 2004 by Giovanni Cruz behind the idea of being “technically creative”– or finding the right balance between art, design and technology.

The following year, he was joined by Sam Cabebe who brought with him a strong and diverse background in graphic design, photography, and Flash development. Driven by passion for design and willingness to push the limits, Giographix grew from a small operation into a well repected agency while along the way, creating partnerships with clients who are leaders in their respective fields in their own right.

Giographix continues to forge ahead and produce innovative designs and interactive experiences that both clients and audiences can quickly connect with. It is with the same drive and passion that will push Giographix into the next wave of the ever-changing landscape of design.

We’ve had the pleasure of working with these clients.

We have worked with businesses and companies from start-ups to Fortune 500 alike. Since being founded in 2004, Giographix has worked with clients such as Dunlop Manufacturing, Taleo, & Sequoia Equities and with our partnership with IDG, helped create online campaigns for McDonald’s, Sony & LucasFilm.

Our Process

Solving The Design Problem: Each project (and client) is unique and presents their own distinct challenges. Though our methods has evolved, our goal of ultimate success for our clients has never changed.

This is an overall structural review and planning phase of the project. Research, competitive analysis, and exploration are all key steps in laying the foundation for any problem solving method. The process begins with a kick-off meeting to establish relationships, discuss the vision for the project, agree on the approval process, confirm the timeline and define priorities. It is essential for all team members and decision makers to be included.

We evaluate existing brands (and brand architecture) and clarify vision, strategies, goals, and values for you, the client. The amount of time spent on this phase is usually proportional to the overall scope and planned duration of the project.

In this stage, we take the research from the discovery phase and begin to make it tangible. Turning ideas into rough rough sketches, typography choices and with interactive projects, we begin testing possible technologies that will best suit your project.

For interactive projects, wireframes (or skeleton outline of your site) are built and the user interface starts to take shape. Navigation, click throughs, and the overall flow of the online experience is tested and polished.

This stage is all about refinement. It is where design comps become polished and interactive projects become clickable. We build our applications using best practice technologies and methods. Our thorough approach to quality assurance upholds each project’s integrity. Only after our strict internal checklists are met, do you receive the site for your review.

Whenever possible, a ‘click-through site/page is developed. This is an operational web page that contains the essential components of the project. After approval of the clickthrough, a functional beta page will be developed and presented for review and approval.

Giographix deploys the web application live. After an exhaustive Post-Launch Quality Assurance phase, Giographix begins the training phase, to instruct you in the care and administration of the site, to answer any questions, and to transition into the long term site improvement.